There is a very special place in the Persian Gulf, it’s a colourful salty island called Hormuz.

Hormuz it’s famous for its natural beauties and its surreal landscape made of incredible rock formations and layers of volcanic material that gives the soil a very particular red colour. It’s a very unique place in the world and the colorful red soil, which is very rare, is considered a cultural heritage.  Local people believe that has special healing properties and due to its edibility its also used to bake fish and bread.

The Island is populated mostly by fisherman, as fishing is the main source of income across the Persian Gulf islands. Local people belong to an ethnic group from the southern coast of Iran called Bandari, which means people of the port. Bandari women wear traditional colourful clothes and a special mask, called boregheh, that covers their face and gives them a mysterious look. This special mask became part of their traditional costume and they have been wearing it for centuries. It has a religious meaning, but it is also used to protect their skin from the very strong sun that hits the region. Local people can recognize from which ethnic groups women belong to, because of the shape and the colour of the masks.

Hormuz has a very special atmosphere, one of more freedom, and people come from all over Iran to spend days among the scenic geological wonderland of the island, its red and orange mountains and the unforgettable sunsets. Is a popular destination especially among young Iranians that are looking to escape from the oppression of everyday life under the regime.

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