In April and May 2015 Nepal was affected by 7.8-magnitude earthquakes that badly damaged the entire country as well as killing as many as 9.000 people. Nepalese people lost everything they had: relatives, houses and all their belongings. Temporary accommodations and shelters have been built all over the country, and Kathmandu has been the main centre for refugees and camps. The tourism industry radically dropped and the entire economy of the country has been badly affected, and still recovering. Despite living in precarious situations Nepalese people have shown courage and strengths to rebuild their homes and communities. Somehow they managed to go back to a normal life and keep going without giving up.

This project is a journey through the aftermath of the events: it shows the courage, the strength and determination that only people who witness such a powerful calamity demonstrate. It is for those who have lost everything they own. Everything, but not their hopes.

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