They take your order at the restaurant, they prepare your coffee every morning, they pour your beer every friday night and they give you advice while you are shopping. You see them every day but you do not know anything about them. Those are the people who live two lives, but dream only about one. Double Life tells the story of Wesley and many others like him. Double Life is about people, is about passion and talent but also sacrifice. Is about those of us who are born with a talent, who are really passionate about something but, for many reasons, are not able to pay the bills with their skills. Double Life is the story of Wesley, abstract painter during the day and bartender at night. It is the story about two lives lived only by one person. This project began as a single story but then becomes a symbol of many others, of those who find themselves having to make compromises in order to pursue their passion. Double Life tells the story of Wesley but also of all of us, because we all live a double life indeed.

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