European Kingdom is a project about European people living in London. It shows how Europe and Europeans influenced the development of the capital and contributed to the rise of the city as we know it today. It aims to celebrate the multiculturality of this city that within its borders contain a bit of Europe and a bit of the World too. It is also a journey throughout the stories of European people, their feelings and emotions, and how those people, coming from 27 different countries, have found in London a slice of home away from home. Moving to the city brought them opportunities denied in their native lands, new lives and different future and them, as individuals, brought something to the growth of London too.

By showing the diversity of London this project focuses on the influence Europe have on it and how this diversity reminds to people little things about their native country. The use of double exposure aims to represent that feeling of nostalgia, memories and past. The project focuses on immigration and the benefits that bring to London by exploring places, people and their identities, architecture, history and memories. It celebrates the multiculturality of the city, but also aims to question what will happen and what will remain of this multiculturality after the UK decision to leave the European Union.

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