Britalians is a word used to describe citizens or residents of the United Kingdom of Italian heritage. The word may refer to someone born in the United Kingdom of Italian descent or to someone who has emigrated from Italy to the UK. Britalians is also a project, a mix of stories from different people who have common roots to share. People that come from the same country but from different cites, and are now living under the same cloudy sky.

Is a project that brings together a mixture of historical facts and feelings about being a stranger in a foreign country without losing your cultural background. Britalians looks at new and old generation of people, at those who came here to follow their dreams and those who came because they had no other choices. It’s for who just arrived, for those that are passing by and for those who decided to stay.

Is a project about past and present, feelings and history, new and old, background and heritage. It’s aim is to express that weird feeling between courage, excitement and fears that only who left everything to move to a different country can experience. Britalians is a project that has that overwhelming feeling of a place to call home outside of home, is the story of identities that get lost, merge and then reborn. It’s about Italians and their community in the London borough of Clerkenwell.

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